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If Somethis Wrong with Your Vzone Graffiti 220W Mod

Vzone Graffiti Protections

1. Over Puffing Protection: 

Device will deactivate after prolonged continuous puffs of more than 10 seconds. The screen will flash!!Long Vaping!!

2. Low-Voltage Protection: 

When the voltage/power is too low, the screen will display “Low Battery.” Please recharge the device.

3. No Atomizer Protection: 

If no atomizer in attached to the device, the screen will display “No Atomizer”

4. Atomizer Short Protection: 

The device has internal controls to protect against atomizer short.
With KA coil, resistance below 0.1ohm.
With Ti/Ni200/SS316 coil, resistance below 0.05ohm.

5. Reverse Connection Protection: 

If batteries are inserted incorrectly, the device will not power on and will prevent any damage to the chipset.

6. Automatic Power Adjust Protection: 

Using the device will under high wattage situations when the battery is at low voltage/power conditions, the battery sign will flash continuously and will auto adjust the output wattage power to be used in safe normal modes.

7. Temperature Alert: 

If the internal board temperature becomes excessive, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display “TOO Hot, please wait 15s!”.

8. Temperature Protection: 

In TC modes, if the actual temperature of coil exceeds the set temperature, the device will shows “Temp protect”.

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