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What Unexpected Surprises Did SMOK Bring To Us Over The Years?

SMOK is a well-known e-cigarette manufacturer both at home and abroad. It brings a lot of favorite products to vaper, so SMOK has always been the concern of everyone. SMOK has won the trust of high power, high performance and high quality. So today, let's review the products that SMOK brings to us.

How about the SMOK

Then let's start with KIT. In the most recent time, smok introduced a new product called Mag Kit. This device consists of two 18650 battery-powered Mag mods with a maximum output of 225W and an 8ml large-capacity TFV12 Prince tank. The biggest highlight of this kit is that when you use it, it feels like you are using a pistol. When you press the fire button, it's like holding the trigger on the pistol. It also has a special button. When you press this button, the battery compartment pops up like a magazine, super cool, right? More than that, there is the X-Priv Kit, which is the same tank as the Mag Kit. Both kits bring us an extraordinary vaping experience.

 The biggest highlight of this product is its With a 2-inch high-definition screen, you can clearly see all the parameter information you want to see on this screen. It is worth mentioning that the entire mod design is very delicate, and the edges are very smooth. The touch is very good. Of course, there are many more great mods. Here we only introduce the two comparisons that are impressive.

Next, we have to start talking about SMOK's Tank. SMOK's Tank has been known as cloud beast, so SMOK's Tank is particularly suitable for recommending to vapor chasers. For example, like TFV12 Baby Prince Tank, this tank has a large capacity of 8ml. You don't have to think about refill the e-juice all day. This tank can also allow you to freely change the atomization core in order to give you a better vaping experience. Of course there are more excellent tanks, such as TFV12 Prince, TFV8 X-Baby and so on. I think you will also like SMOK.

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