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How to lose weight

As for many people ,they always have trouble of losing weight.keep slim can make us  look more attractive.
here are some suggestions of keeping slim

keep moving

Start doing more exercise from now.choosing Running, skipping, swimming ,these Aerobic exercise can help to lose weight .then choose some no Oxygen movement.such as  Throwing, jumping, jumping, tug of war, push-ups, diving.which can help you grow muscle

not only eat less,but also choose the right food to eat

Losing weight is not equal to eat less.Eat more fruit and vegetables.if you are in fitness,you need to eat more eggs,chicken breast,rice,noodles,beef.which can help you increase your muscle.if your body contains more muscle,you will look much more fit than before,although you don't lose much weight
there some the food that you should eat as less as you can ,such as some dessert,hamburgers,French fries.These foods are not nutritious and contain high fat and suger

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