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it seems that aspire nautilus combines these two of good flavor and vapor production

Most of atomizers can not take into consideration both good flavor and vapor production. They often ignore one of the two to pursue the other. For huge vapor production, the air entering hole should be at the big setting and oppositely, the airflow hold is smaller for the pursue of good taste because too much air combination will cause a change on the taste of eliquid. Generally good quality eliquid has distinct gradation and rich taste, obviously powering it with huge vapor production is a waste and we need to slowly taste its rich flavor. Aspire Nautilus combines the two aspects and its unique airflow control provides you four settings to control the amount of air, the warm and amount of vapor production, making you enjoy the good flavor and also huge vapor production. Now a special offer on official authorized distributor website is available with the coupon code aspirenautilus20151103. Hurry to start this fantastic vaping journey!

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