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Choose the time of electronic cigarettes

1, out of the smoke. The whole design in the construction of the electronic cigarette, the intake air flow channel. Excellent electronic cigarette design can guarantee the smoke volume is larger, then can guarantee the quantity of smoke is stable. The quantity of smoke to see whether the atomizer.
2, the merits of the atomizer. The function of the atomizer is atomization effect, is the core component of electronic cigarettes, an excellent electronic cigarettes, there must be a good atomizer, outstanding atomizer has the fever silk coarse, outside has the characteristic of steel ring protection, average width is about 5 mm in the atomizer can guarantee good out of the smoke.
3, the length of battery life. Cells associated with atomizer, liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of  Joyetech eVic-VT Kit an electronic cigarette is good.
The link location of battery and atomizer with material is also key, every time when charging the place to turn, if the material is bad will soon appear wear Resulting in poor contact electronic smoke to stop working. Is a blend of gold-plated technology of service life of batteries in general will be longer than the average.
4, the appearance of electronic cigarettes. Good product, it looks fresh and tight design, exquisite workmanship, can give a person a kind of pleasure, help to successfully quit smoking.

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